2010. október 26., kedd

Yesterday night was a little bit boring..

 It was very boring so I have to do something and I take a photos without make-up of course! So these pictures are very simple and I want to say  everybody GOODNIGHT:)
This is the present.. I go to the city to my girlfriend and she will be 17 :) So I think Juicy Couture is the perfect choise :) I hope she'll like these stuff :)

2010. október 25., hétfő

This summer was amazing! But now is fall so I have to change my closet and create my dresses for the fall! I'll enjoy that! Now I'm listening Shakira the song name is Whenever Wherever! I love this song ! Reminds of summer :) I love NYC so I take a lot of pictures in there ! After tomoroww I go again in NewYork ! hahaaaa soo and my favorite food is sushi and I eat that in the lunch :) And I have to lose weight but it doesn't mean I dont take pictures for the candies.. And if I talk about New York I have to say something about gossip girl, I'll start watching season 4! I cant wait!  

never easy to me but I will be there <3

Taylor Momsen on "This Morning" show

2010. október 23., szombat

A few days in NYC!

I'm in NYC I hope until January:)
1, I look up to the sky I know the world is mine
2, I wear a boots (from macys) and I bought the sweater :) This picture after that when I was in Major Model Agency
3, Starbucks Starbucks Forever Starbucks :D
4, In the park relax
5,My ring from Forever21 my bracelet from H&M and the pink nailpolish!    

2010. október 22., péntek

hello Tokyo!

Soo this necklace is so cute !:) I will buy it! When I look at this necklace I felt something different.. This necklace is from Forever21 too! I like this store!

Im starting to create a blog! Enjoy!!! :)

This T-Shirt is from Forever21! I have to buy disone because its very simple but its very unique! I love Audrey Hepburn ! I hope you like it !