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Hey Eveyone!

 I hope you had an amazing day, tomorrow is finally Friday so I can't wait to put my party dress on and of course my heels too and go out to impress everybody. But before that I would like to share with you guys my favorite clothes on this amazing website:   http://www.tbdress.com/inexpensive-dresses/  You should surely check out these clothes because I'm so on it. These beautiful and unique dresses are simple perfect and the price is absolutely ok. So let me show you guys a few inexpensive dresses with you  these are my faves: 

This bold dress is one of my favorite. If you will wear it then don't be afraid if everyone will stare at you. You will be shining in this vivid and beautiful dress. You can wear it on the wedding as a bride or you can wear some elegant outing. One thing is sure you will be a star in this dress!
You can find this dress as well as the other dresses below at TBDress:)

This dress is truly my  type because it's simple elegant and "not too much" if you know what I mean.  You can wear it on the shore or at the party or at a dinner. You can wear it  with statement necklaces and with high heels and you will look amazing. 

Beside inexpensive dresses I've noticed some in stock dance costumes that really caught my eye. They can be found at the amazing TBDress boutique here: http://www.tbdress.com/in-stock-dance-costumes/  .
If you want to set up and be somebody else for just one night you can do that and if you are invited at the masquerade or it's time for halloween I think the best chooise to click on this website. So here are some inspiration: 

Well this is my post for today I hope you will find the type of dress that you are searching for at TBDress.com .

2012. július 31., kedd

six flags and JERSEY

Couple days ago we were in Six Flags. It was so cool. We lost all of our fear and started to enjoy the rides. It was pretty awesome. We were there the whole day and we had a lot of fun there. Kingda Ka is the one of the highest and fastest ride in the world. So it was a little bit scary but we did it. YOLO. haha
The weather was nice too. It was a perfect day. In the end of the day about 7 o'clock we went our hotel room to change our clothes and then we went to having a dinner. I ate a cheese burger with Coke. Then we just walked around and we ate an ice cream too. Everything was so good. The next day we woke up early because of breakfast and then we went to at Seaside Heights. We were there at the whole day. We surfed and did a lot of pictures and just hanged out a little bit. But now I have to go to sleep because tomorrow we are goint to NYC! Can't wait 

2012. július 30., hétfő

chill at the pool

The weather was so hot so we decided to jump in the pool. We had fun!
I think the best outfit in this weather is a white short with a simple shirt.
I have to tell you something:) I'm in NY and this is the best summer. I'm having a great time here and I don't wanna go home because everything is so perfect now.

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Mi a függőségem? Fotózás. Éjjel nappal fotóznék mindent. A legjobb dolog a világon. Szóval ez a napom nagyon jó volt. Reggel aludtam sokáig és aztán elmentünk beszerezni az étterembe Coca Colát, mert már kifogyóban volt és mikor bementem az irodába tele volt mindenféle Coca Colás dolgokkal. Nem birtam megállni, hogy ne fotózzak le mindent ami a kezembe akadt. A pasi nagyon rendes volt még ajádékot is adott nekem. Imádom itt Amerikában az embereket olyan kedvesek. Az angolom rengeteg fejlödőtt mióta itt vagyok. Tehát nem fogom részletesen leirni, hogy miket csináltunk a képekből kiderül, hogy elég nyugodt napom volt egészen az estig amikor a kezembe akadt egy Vodka Cranberry és egy Coronita sör. De ez pont kellett a nap végére. Unokatesómmal még a konyhát is birtokba vettük és éjjel 1kor befaltunk egy finom almás pitét vanilia fagyival. Nyami.
  Félretéve mindent nagyon jól érzem magam itt és még csak 1 hét telt el. Jó lesz haza menni tele élményekkel de egyelőre még nem kell ezen gondolkodnom mert elöttem áll 5 csodálatos hét New Yorkban. Most viszont alszom, majdnem reggel van itt. Jóéjt

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Dinner Soup



We had so much fun today, love you babe

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