2011. június 29., szerda

when writing the story of your life don't let anyone else hold the pen!

Okay so today was a great day! I met with my friends and we had a lot of fun..These pictures I just found on the tumblr and I liked it so I want to share with you and I hope you like it!  Now it's too late but who cares it's summer time!! What happened today? hmm I bought the new Elle the cover star is Cameron Diaz she has a great body but her face is too boring to me.. And I eat a lot as always like chinese food chocolate etc.. I learned a few new english words..I felt myself pretty today:)  And finally I watched Gossip Girl ! Why my life isn't the same as gossip girl's life? Ok, I know it's just a show but seriously... But my life is so enjoyable and happy and nice so all together I love my life ! So I should shut up and live my life and just do what I want and my life will be perfect for me! Good night everybody! I love you all!

2011. június 28., kedd

Orange juice we love you so much!

He's my cousin and he's so sweet! He is from NY.

We love Ice Cream.. oh my gush it was so much but I didn't eat the whole

I like reading.. And I'm reading now a great book..  It's about a girl who living in Manhattan and she has everything except the love so she decide she leaves Manhattan and she moves in Paris..

My eye..

My  brother has a beautiful blue eyes!

2011. június 23., csütörtök

photo diary

These few days was amazing. I was in Balaton with my friend and we had a lot of fun. And I should say again I love summer!!! Im in love in summer haha. We did a lot of things like sunbathing .. awww i have to go xxx

2011. június 15., szerda

I want to go back..

Have you ever felt this way before? Like I do? It's so strange because I love my life but everything is so complicated. Im 16 yeard old. I should enjoy my life and I do but something is missing. But I still love fashion so Im always in fashion even if I have a bad day:) But we are young and we have pretty face nice clothes so let's just enjoy life;) Today's gonna be a good night !