2012. március 22., csütörtök

Are you ready for happiness?

This day was beautiful! I mean just the weather. But tomorrow will be friday so it will be very good!:) Tonight I didn't slept a lot so I'm a little bit tired now. My outfit was today very good! I didn't take picture because my camera wasn't with me. It happens very rarely!!! I looked stylish: black skirt with a black gold shirt a military coat it looks very good! and black bag and grey boats my nails are red and I wore today 2 rings. I love rings they can make the whole set more stylish I think. And girls now we should start watching the calories bacause summer is not so far! Short and bikini ... yes we want look like skinny barbies so let's do this! LOVE YOU ALL! XX

2012. március 21., szerda

Always have a reason to dress up!

I like to weat simple basic dresses like black jeans with a simple white t-shirt black leather jacket and of course black high heels. I think this set is lokking amazing. These pictures are from weekend when we went a pub. We looked simple but stylish I think. Now I want to get a white converse  and a hollister sweater because in the spring it will be look lazy and stylish.

2012. március 16., péntek

Elisabetta Franchi S/S 2012

Wow these pictures are damn good! I think it is a very good campaign for spring and the dresses are gorgeous!

2012. március 11., vasárnap


Louis Vuitton 2012 Winter

I know it is spring now and we can't wait summer but when I saw this show I've just felt like I have to share this photos with you! I don't thInk about winter at all because I want to wear shorts and tops already and I think you want to wear lazy pieces too. So let's not talk about winter and hope the weather will be sunny and warm but I think it's good if you have some idea what was on the LV runway!

2012. március 10., szombat

Axente Vannesa-Newcomers

She is a hungarian girl. She is only 16 years old. I love the fist picture about her. But honestly she is not my ideal. Maybe you like her but I'm not. Her agency in Budapest is Attractive. She opened the Prada Show in Milan like an exclusive  model so I think it was her big debout. I hope her model career will be very good and she can do it I think. So hope for the best!

2012. március 8., csütörtök


I have never saw pictures from Calzedonia but I have to say that these photos are pretty good. I think this model ( her name is Alejandro Alonso) was the perfect girl in this work. She is 20 years old and she started to modelling when she was 17. Her face is gorgeous and her body is very good so the fashion industry loves her. She worked with Armani and Chanel too and Vogue Italia decided to do a shooting with her. So she is definetaly a good model. What about the style? I think colors are good and they used light colors and I like it very much. So I think I will follow Calzedonia works too because I never thought they can make so good work!

2012. március 7., szerda

Mila Kunis.

OMG Love these pictures. These photos are just simple perfect. Mila is gorgeous and this style is so cool! These photos is from Harpers Bazaar and who did this photos? Terry Richardson who else. He is so good!! I love his works so much! I hope everyone has a good day!