2011. december 29., csütörtök

love me.

It's too late now and I have to do a lot of things, but I want to share some photos about today. We did these photos and I hope you like it. That's me. This day was a lazy day for me I'm just watched movies and did nothing. Then I went to drink latte macchiato with my friends and then my mom picked me up and we went to had dinner in vapiano. So I wore today lazy stuffs too like jumper but I felt myself stylish too.

2011. december 26., hétfő

love u christmas!

What is the best thing about winter? It's definetaly the christmas. It's one of the best feeling in the world when you know you are close to christmas.. You can decorating your hause with lights and cute stuffs like angels, santa claus or reindeers. You can watch a lot of fun and cute movies. You can eat a lot of things.. you can give presents for someone you like and you can also open your gifts. This christmas was amazing.:) I wish everyone had a fantastic christmas! I become a camera so I will upload videos too. So I hope you will like it.:)In the end I have to say tomorrow I will go shop something I hope I will get some gorgeous dress or something. Because you know there is always a reason to dress up! Lots of kisses, Claudia

2011. december 25., vasárnap

christmas time!

                                                 Happy Christmas for everyone!

2011. december 22., csütörtök

beautiful people..

Make up, perfect hair, dress up as a bitch, sexy boys, champagne, skinny legs, luxe... this 2 days was amazing! You know what I don't care what others says about me.. really.. I just want to have fun being myself and that's all. So I didn't eat and I feel myself skinny, I like this feeling. So ppl are beautiful,nice,rich but there is no love. This is so strange, my life is perfect I love my life, my friends my family, school , love my clothes, love myself but I didn't felt love.. isn't it strange? I mean I felt love like family and friends..  but like being in relationship and feeling love..  noo, I didn't felt. Never mind. I will, I hope so. But now I have to enjoy my christmas break. I already love this break. <3 XX

2011. december 19., hétfő

Doing workout everyday..

So I'm apologizing because I didn't post anything for a week ago. I was sick. So what can I tell you? I can't wait christmas! Seriously I bought presents for everyone and I hope everybody will be happy! But christmas isn't about a presents the mean thing is love and family & friends. Friends are like family if they are true friend. I know it will be hard espesially for me do not eat so much.. I have to keep the contorol about eating. I'm so exited about christmas. Tomorrow will be christmas in our class. :) So I love you all, and follow me because I will be post a lot of photos!

2011. december 12., hétfő

I'm started to gro up..

What does it mean? I will be my own hero.. I know my life depends of me. I will not break down, I will my head up and I won't regret anything. I will do what I want. And if I really want something I will get it.. If I did everything and it doesn't works then it should accept and try to do my best. I won't be afraid. I love myself,my family my friends.They are very imported. My life will be great because I know I can trust in myself so I will be ok. I'm happy now. And I can't wait christmas. I love my age. FUCK YEAH I'M SEVENTEEN.