2011. október 29., szombat

saturday morning..

My favorite part of the day is mornings. I woke up 7:30 and I felt myself weak so I didn't go to the agency. So this day is a lazy day and I don't mind that.  I just lied on the bed and I watched fashion pictures and fashion websites to get inpiration.

And then I should do something so I decided to do some pictures about my hair and my mouth.

And in the end, this outfit is perfect!

2011. október 28., péntek


My morning started with juice and glamour.Perfect match.Perfect morning.

Friday evening finally, but I can't relax because tomorrow will be an important day. I go to the model agency and Im a little bit nervous so I did not eat today nothing just one piece of brown bread with cheese and that's all but if I want to do that I should keep going. So I have a lot of thing in my life what I do and I love it but I get very tired every day so I can't wait this holiday because I need rest. And now I have to go to piano lesson so see you tomorrow!

2011. október 26., szerda

Everybody wants to be somebody..

I know these pictures are not from me but I do not made photos because of my time. I have to study a lot and you know that's the most important thing. I don't know why am I said that. I love my life, love my friends my family etc. But today I feel like I hate everybody. But I am gonna stay out because I should go to the school only 2days. We have one week off from the school. Cant wait to slepp as much as I can. do nothing because sometimes it is the best thing. I want lazy days again.I want summer again. Okay Im just kidding because I like winter. I want to go finally to the party and dance as much as I can and dont give a shit of anybody. Yes I want. I want to feel myself free. So I dont care what others think. I feel myself gorgeous and attractive. And I will do what I want. Thats all! Love you all!

2011. október 22., szombat

What can I say now? Im so happy because everything is amazing now, and I think I do a lot of things to my future. This weekend is not about parties. I should study hard and do this modelling stuffs. These photos is abot my life I did a lot of pictures and I choosed a few to share with you!:) What I usually eat or what kind of friends I have. So I hope you had a great weekend but its not over yet so enjoy it!

2011. október 10., hétfő

You should be forever happy.

Sorry I posted a long time ago but I was busy. Guess what I have tumblr too so if you want you can check: www.eatmeandshowme.tumblr.com So what can I say now? My days are too short, and I have to study a lot but whatever I have time to spend a lot of time on the tumblr or on the blogger. So dont worry I will be here! Love you all!