2011. november 29., kedd


I should learn but Elle is much more interesting

I won't be afraid, because then I feel myself weak.. and maybe I just let the chance slim, I have to grab all chances and do my best. Maybe today isn't your day but tomorrow will be, so belive in yourself and try create your life as you want! And if you won't be give up you will reach for the sky!

2011. november 26., szombat

Love me more than you did before..

The party was amazing .. I want to go back<3 I can't write anything right no because I have to sleep because I arrived 5a.m. so I didn't slept a lot. And now I should and tomorrow I should learn something.. and do workout and trying not to eat.So good night everybody, see you soon! And if you are in the party now than PARTY ON and HAVE FUN.

2011. november 25., péntek

lose control tonight

Finally friday is again. I'm so happy! I need some rest but not tonight because I will go to party. I hope your weekend will be amazing too. This afternoon was really enjoyable. I love my friends and my life. I feel myself so lucky. Of course you have bad days too, but usually your next day will be a much more better. I love these grey cold days it means we are close to christmas and my birthday! Yepp!! Today I bought a winter jacket, it was expensive but I like it very much. Can't wait to wear it! Now I'm going to have a bath with my Elle and Glamour, and then I will put on my face some make up, straight my hair and get ready for the party, I will post photos later! xx

2011. november 20., vasárnap


This weekend was really amazing. On Friday we were on the Váci Street with my friend and we went to McCaffe to drink coffe. My friend wanted to eat donout too. And then I was in the party It was really amazing. I think I fall in love. haha. And I was in the cinema too I saw breaking down and I think it was scary . Tomorrow I have to got the school and learning I don't want to. Fuck school, I will get famous.

2011. november 17., csütörtök

Stay slim..

Don't eat anything after 6o'clock if you want to stay slim and pretty.. I know it's hard but you will feel yourself much better. Now I will go do workout because I have to lose weight. If you want to eat then you need to drink water or tea  without sugar or just don't think about it. Morning you can eat whatever you want but white bread and sugar need to avoid as you can. So just do your body as slim you can. But you have an another choise if you dont give a shit about it you can eat whatever you want like McDonalds Pizza Sugar etc. It's your choise.

2011. november 16., szerda

you know I'm a crazy bitch..

Who says you can't do what you want? I think it depends just for you. I always wanted (and now too) a life with love happiness and to be famous and do something in this world. I know already If I dream about something I can get it if I work hard and I can stay out almost everything. So my life now is about the school boys and girls workout piano lessons books magazines tumblr and of course photos and fashion! This is what I like to do and when I grow up I would like to work in the fashion industry. And I hope I will! So don't let dreams always be a dreams! Go out and make it happen! xox Claudia.

2011. november 11., péntek


If you are a student then you know what does it mean FRIDAY. Im so happy because of friday I feel myself so tired and lazy so tonight I just decided to stay home and watch gossip girl 5. It was a good choose. I wan today on the Váci Street and I bought a simple brown winter jacket from Bershka and one beautiful bra. This weekend will be calm. I wish all of you to be an amazing weekend!xx

2011. november 6., vasárnap

2011. november 4., péntek

Yesterday was a busy day and finally I could go out. I wore a simle brown T-Shirt from Mango and a simple black skirt and a brown jacket and a scarve from Forever21 and I matched these with my favorite grey boots. I can't write anything right now .. we did a lot of fun yesterday and Im a little bit tired but never mind. We can sleep when we are dead, right? We have one life so we should enjoy it! Fuck what others think, do what you want and do how you want. Go out, dance on the table, learn a lot, be with you friends, go party, drink alcohol, listen music, be bitch if you want .. seriously. one life;) if someone has a problem with you just don't give a fuck.