2012. július 31., kedd

six flags and JERSEY

Couple days ago we were in Six Flags. It was so cool. We lost all of our fear and started to enjoy the rides. It was pretty awesome. We were there the whole day and we had a lot of fun there. Kingda Ka is the one of the highest and fastest ride in the world. So it was a little bit scary but we did it. YOLO. haha
The weather was nice too. It was a perfect day. In the end of the day about 7 o'clock we went our hotel room to change our clothes and then we went to having a dinner. I ate a cheese burger with Coke. Then we just walked around and we ate an ice cream too. Everything was so good. The next day we woke up early because of breakfast and then we went to at Seaside Heights. We were there at the whole day. We surfed and did a lot of pictures and just hanged out a little bit. But now I have to go to sleep because tomorrow we are goint to NYC! Can't wait 

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