2011. július 2., szombat

Summer I love you!

Hmm.. how can I start?  Maybe I'm single and now it's summer so I don't wanna be in a relationship or I'm a liar and I wanna be but I'm afraid of something? I can imagine.. But yesterday was amazing we went to the cinema and we watched transformers 3 the movie was fantastic and Rosie was gorgeous as always.. I think everyone knows she is a model oh wait she is a supermodel! And then I met with my friend and we went to the fun - fair and the feeling was  awesome! Our favorite ride was break dance because it was fast and the music was great they played party rock and don't stop the party from Black Eyed Peas:) So we enjoyed last night it feels like a party :) I arrived at home about 1 a.m ! And today I was with my whole family I love them I really do they are so nice ! We ordered 4 XXL pizza haha.and we eat cakes and chocolates so I think tomorrow I should go to the gym.:) In the end I should say something .. Summer.. Hot.. Beach.. Party..Friends.. Sun.. Watermelon..and where is the LOVE?

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