2011. október 26., szerda

Everybody wants to be somebody..

I know these pictures are not from me but I do not made photos because of my time. I have to study a lot and you know that's the most important thing. I don't know why am I said that. I love my life, love my friends my family etc. But today I feel like I hate everybody. But I am gonna stay out because I should go to the school only 2days. We have one week off from the school. Cant wait to slepp as much as I can. do nothing because sometimes it is the best thing. I want lazy days again.I want summer again. Okay Im just kidding because I like winter. I want to go finally to the party and dance as much as I can and dont give a shit of anybody. Yes I want. I want to feel myself free. So I dont care what others think. I feel myself gorgeous and attractive. And I will do what I want. Thats all! Love you all!

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