2012. január 20., péntek

get skinny get skinny..

I want to be skinny.. I lost a lot of pounds but it's not enough.. I know this worls is hard.. and I want to work in the fashion industry do I definately need to be skinny. My tips are drink a lot of water or tea and  eat a very good breakfast you can eat whatever you like but you should avoid cakes and chocolates.. And after 5 o'clock you don't have to eat anything just apple or something like that. And do everyday workout. If you will do that.. you will look sexy and your body will changeing and you will feel yourself proud and gorgeous. So I take today a simple pictures about my outfit. I like to wear black color.. I know maybe you think black isn't a color but I like very much. And my outfit looks much better and stylish with red bag. So I think if you want to be stylish my best idea is when you wear black and you match with something vivid stuffs. So I choise today this bag. :) I hope you like my style.

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