2012. január 14., szombat

Happy Birthday V!

Hey everyone, I'm sorry because I didn't post photos a week ago but I was so tired and busy. So yesterday was finally friday because I really hate my school. I mean the whole thing. School is sucks. I just want to get a contract maybe in Milan. And go away. But I really love to be with my friends they are so funny and nice so  yesterday I was with them. One of my friends had a birthday party tonight.She is already 18!! In the evening I weat a black fur vest this item is my favorite thing in my closet I bought it 2 weeks ago and I wear a simple black dress underneath the fur, and I really liked my stocking this is from New York and I remember when I bought it with Sarah who was my friend is NY. We did  a lot of fun together. Oh fuck. New York I miss you. So my hair was straight and my make was black. I think I looked good. And I can't wait tonight we will be go to the big party and I already know how will I look . I will share photos, I promise! Now I will go to watch gossip girl and read teen vogue. Bye guys!

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