2011. december 22., csütörtök

beautiful people..

Make up, perfect hair, dress up as a bitch, sexy boys, champagne, skinny legs, luxe... this 2 days was amazing! You know what I don't care what others says about me.. really.. I just want to have fun being myself and that's all. So I didn't eat and I feel myself skinny, I like this feeling. So ppl are beautiful,nice,rich but there is no love. This is so strange, my life is perfect I love my life, my friends my family, school , love my clothes, love myself but I didn't felt love.. isn't it strange? I mean I felt love like family and friends..  but like being in relationship and feeling love..  noo, I didn't felt. Never mind. I will, I hope so. But now I have to enjoy my christmas break. I already love this break. <3 XX

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