2011. december 10., szombat

Sweet 17!!!

Sorry I'm a little bit late, because my birthday was on december 6th. It was very speacial day for me. My friends were so nice as always. On 5th december me and my mom went to shopping. I spotted a beautiful shoes and dress so we bought those. So in my birthay the school was amazing too.:) I love everything .. I felt like this. After the school my father came for me and we went to had lunch an italianen restaurant. I eat ceazar salad with tuna it was fine. My daddy and my brother guess what they eat a PIZZA:D And then we went home next to the Donau and Budapest was so gorgeous I mean the lights and everything. I really like this city:) My father gave me my present and it wan a BLACKBERRY!!:) I was so happy ! So then my mother,brother,grandma,my friend and the neighboors came over and we eat a birthday cake:) I'm so happz because I'm seventeen now!

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